On Galeano's Supposed Disavowal

Eduardo Galeano died on Monday. Some obituaries, including ones published by the New York Times and NPR, repeated a claim that the Uruguayan author had “disavowed” his best known work, »

Academic Freedom, Except When I Disagree

Former AAUP president Cary Nelson had some things to say about the case of Steven Salaita, recently fired from UIUC for criticizing Israel on social media. Since Nelson is known »

Say "No" to Dave Heineman for NU President

Current Nebraska governor Dave Heineman is trying to shoehorn himself into the University of Nebraska presidency. Here are six reasons why Heineman should not become the next NU president. 1. »

MOOCs and the Masses: Big Data and the Question of Access in Online Teaching

Much of the heat and light generated by recent conversations about the crisis in higher education has been forced through the prism of the “MOOC” (Massively Open Online Course). This »

Nineteen Principles for Literary Criticism

Below you’ll find my liberal translation of Roberto Schwarz’s satirical “19 princípios para a crítica literária.” Reading this, for me, creates a contrast between, on one hand, strikingly »